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Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance

CCSF faculty contributes to new interdisciplinary Executive Education course on “Biodiversity and Finance”

Maria Santos a CCSF researcher and Professor of Geography, and PhD candidate Isabelle Zheng were instrumental in preparing this pioneer course jointly with UZH’s Finance Executive Education team and in building its interdisciplinary foundation. Maria Santos is one of the lecturers in the course on Biodiversity and Finance. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the interaction between biodiversity and finance.

The course is co-led by a team of multidisciplinary teachers from research, field work, and the financial sector. The scientific foundation of biodiversity will be covered in detail, with a focus on essential concepts. The economic mechanism of biodiversity and finance will also be explored, including key metrics and innovative funding schemes introduced by industry pioneers.

The course is designed for practitioners in the financial sector who have a graduate degree and several years of working experience. The goal is to familiarize participants with biodiversity concepts, ecosystem services, theoretical foundations of biodiversity in economics, and the different interactions between biodiversity and finance. The course is worth 2 ECTS and will take place over two days in May 2023.

The course methodology is lecture-based, and participants are required to attend all lectures, actively participate in the classroom, and complete a final homework assignment. Successful completion of the course will earn participants 2 ECTS credits, which are creditable in MAS, DAS, CAS in Sustainable Finance, as well as Single Course.

The course details can be found here.