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Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance

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Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance

The Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance at the University of Zurich is an academic center dedicated to interdisciplinary research in sustainable finance. The center consolidates research and teaching streams from banking, finance, informatics, geography mathematics, law, psychology, philosophy, and political sciences. By working together, the center informs sustainable development and growth.

The Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance (CCSF) is a joint endeavour of more than 20 experts making the center one of the biggest research centers worldwide dedicated to sustainable finance. The mission of the CCSF is: 

  1. Generating knowledge: Foundations, organizations, and private enterprises are increasingly aware of their ability and responsibility to enable sustainability. As we see the need for sustainability mount, the vast gap in knowledge on how to get there has become visible too. This is a void we aim to fill with academic, interdisciplinary research.
  2. Informing decision-makers and relevant stakeholders: We harness our expertise, network, and location at the center of a global financial hub to inform key decision-makers on the insights they need to move their organizations, teams, and communities towards sustainability.
  3. Transforming knowledge to practice: We focus on bridging the gap between academic knowledge and everyday decisions. This means influencing the way all employees in an organization act, how businesses run their standard operations, and the information we need to make sustainable decisions regardless of their magnitude.

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