The Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance of the University of Zurich is a key player in the field of sustainable finance. We consolidate critical streams of academic research and teaching in order to effectively inform sustainable development and growth.

The canton of Zurich is known as an international finance hub and as a pioneer for innovations in sustainable finance. The Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance (CCSF) brings these regional specialties together and leverages them through the research and teaching excellence of the University of Zurich. The CCSF is located in the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Informatics of the University enabling outstanding interdisciplinary research. The CCSF is a joint force of more than 30 experts making the center one of the biggest research centers worldwide dedicated to sustainable finance.

The activities of CCSF include: 

The creation of scientific knowledge, such as research on reproducible metrics that account for sustainability and risk as well as the mechanisms behind individual and collective financial and economic behavior.

The strengthening scientific interdisciplinarity in order to tap into interconnected challenges that go beyond the scope of a single scientific discipline.

The development of education opportunities which ensure that sustainability counts in decision-making and that current and future leaders are educated on the nuances and approaches of the field.

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FINEXUS Conference 16.-17.1.2020

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It is widely recognized that climate change implies risks and opportunities for finance and the economy as a whole. Yet, climate-related financial risks pose new fundamental challenges for academics and practitioners in finance. The 2020 edition of the FINEXUS Conference will present state-of-the-art research, discuss the current challenges and the successful applications to policy and practice. To read more about the event and to register, have a look here.