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Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance

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    Why does Professor Thorsten Hens give a warning for ESG investors? What are the insights Dr. Nora Pankratz would like investors to act upon? Check out last year's seminar teasers and recordings from the link below!

Sustainable Finance Research Seminar

This seminar explores the fast-evolving area of research in sustainable finance, through a collection of guest presentations, by both senior and junior scholars in the field, and using a variety of topics and methodologies.  These reflect the idea that an interdisciplinary collaboration, seamlessly intertwining finance, economics, and environmental sciences can enhance the potential of the financial system to be leveraged for advancing favorable environmental and social results.


The seminar can be found in the course catalogue of the University of Zurich as DOEC0912.

You can find the programs of past seminars here.

Seminar Program

Date Speaker Title Location

Luca Taschini

University of Edinburgh and London School of Economics and Political Science , UK

Nailing Down Volatile Temperatures: Examining Their Effects on Asset Prices (PDF, 2 MB) PLM-F-103/104

Simon Glossner

Federal Reserve Board, Washington. USA

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (PDF, 706 KB) online

Anastasios Xepapadeas

University of Bologna, Italy and Athens University of Economics and Business, Grece

Climate change, natural world preservation and the emergence and containment of infectious diseases online

Beatrice Crona

Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University

Investments in a new era of risk (PDF, 71 KB) online

Assad Rauf

University of Groningen, Netherlands

Climate Policies in Supply Chains (PDF, 530 KB) online

Laura Diaz Anadon

University of Cambridge, UK

The role of policy for accelerating energy innovation to meet climate goals (PDF, 40 KB) online

Peter Tankov

ENSAE, Institute Polytechnique de Paris, and CREST, France

Green Investment and Asset Stranding Under Transition Scenario Uncertainty (PDF, 13 MB) online

Thierry Roncalli

Amundi Asset Management and University of Evry

From Climate Stress Testing to Climate Value-at-Risk: A Stochastic Approach online


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Scientific Coordinators

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Stefano Battiston

Prof. Dr. Marc Chesney

Prof. Dr. Delia Coculescu

Prof. Dr. Maria Santos


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