Sustainable Finance Research Seminar

The sustainable finance research seminar is a place where thought-provoking working papers on the topic of sustainable finance are presented and discussed. In fall 2020, the seminar contained a mix of theoretical and empirical papers by both senior and junior scholars. Key themes included the impact of sustainable finance on the real economy, the implications of climate risks, and investor preferences for sustainability.

There is a break in spring semester 2021. The next seminar series is planned for autumn semester 2021. If you are interested in the seminar series, feel free to contact us.


By passing an oral exam during the exam session, doctoral students earn 3 ECTS. The seminar can be found in the course catalogue of the University of Zurich as DOEC0912.

You can find previous seminar programs here (PDF, 652 KB).

Based on our last year's experience and the current uncertainties in on-site planning due to the pandemic situation, we are orgnaising the seminar again in an online format.